Saturday, July 25, 2009

more cafe sketching

I'm not sure why, but it does seem that I always manage to catch only right profiles on some days, and only lefts on others. It probably has to do with where I sit, and what direction the windows are. Most people do like to face the window, as was the case here. But it does make for a rather uniform looking sketchbook page.

The woman on the bottom left corner had this wonderful, Bardot-like hair. I watched a man try to pick her up by inquiring about her iPhone. I imagine that it went something like "Hey, I'll show you my apps if you show me yours!" But I'm probably wrong. In any case, she clearly turned him down, because he did not join her at the table. Instead, he went back in line, and resolutely did not look her direction for his now, brief visit to the cafe. So I did not get to draw him. I hope he enjoyed his pastry.

Symmetrical objects are really hard to draw, and I am not the most patient of artists. I drew and redrew this several times. Still don't have it right. But it did help to turn it upside down a few times (the drawing, not the object).