Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Hey, did you know I have a house in Marin?"

So I went out sketching in Union Square on Sunday. Grandpa Slick here thought he'd try and impress a girl that was likely in diapers when he was going through his 3rd divorce.

Just a note, after 45, a leather jacket looks like a desperate bid to cling to youth. The shine on the leather merely echoes the reflectivity of a growing forehead.

Let it go.


JC said...

glad you're doodling again!
don't you love people that try to cling to hteir youth?? =0)

larry said...

hey Lisa, what a great description... I turned quickly to see what this drawing illustrated.

Having turned 46, I will put my leather jacket in storage with my dusty old vinyl records and chipped flint tools :)