Sunday, November 25, 2007


So, this is a straightforward sketch of my newish niece, otherwise known as "The Best Baby in the World". When she gets older, I am going to buy her candy and toys, and lie to my sister and brother-in-law that I was a responsible and disciplined auntie. It's going to be awesome.

I felt I was a little heavy handed here in the sketch, it lacks the delicacy I think sketches of babies need. I generally don't like non-cartoony drawings of babies for the reasons I don't love this drawing. It's difficult to make them look "soft". I think most drawings and paintings of babies, end up making them look like those weird Renaissance cherubs...just overstuffed.

Speaking of Renaissance, Taschen has their 25th anniversary series out, and heavily discounted versions of some of their books. The Leonardo one is it originally came out for $200, and you can get it on Amazon for $47. Look for Frank Zollner as the author.

A really beautiful Michelangelo book by the same author, also from Taschen is out. Unfortunately, that one is actually $200.


larry said...

Looks soft to me. Happy Aunting.

Sadie Jernigan Valeri said...

I love it! You should do some more long drawings like this, in addition to the quick cafe drawings :)

JC said...

nice! glad you're posting again...keep up the drawing!

M. Denmark said...

awe, you'll have to come over and draw Sienna too! :)