Sunday, April 13, 2008

more cafe sketching

It was a gorgeous weekend in SF, so I spent most of it outside walking around, taking photos and sketching. The photos can be found here

I doodled for quite awhile today, using pen. I'm much more comfortable sketching with pencil, I suppose because pen forces you to commit and is so unforgiving of mistakes...two qualities that I struggle with in human beings , come to think of it.

This pen spatters a bit, I didn't realize until I started drawing with it today.


Anthony S Rivero said...

I really wish I was in SF this past weekend! I hear it was beautiful. It was friggin' 102 degrees in Anaheim yesterday... not conducive to outdoor sketching.

Kudos to you for committing to the pen and ink. Last time I was up in SF I picked up a really nice fountain pen at Flax.

JC said...

nice sketches Lisa. i avoided pens for the longest time - now i sketch exclusively with them. besides there's so many different kinds of nice pens you can buy right?

Nikki Lukas said...

nice sketches, i really like the one of the woman on the bottom page in the middle.