Sunday, June 28, 2009

I actually sketched this a few months ago. I had always heard of the Art Institute and meant to go check it out, and then one day on a walk, stumbled across it. They have a fantastic view from their patio/courtyard, and it was primarily empty!

Periodically, I get brave and decide to try sketching only with pen. This particular pen has a very nice olive green color, (the subtlety of the color is lost in my scan unfortunately).

Whenever I get a particularly nice piece of paper, or a fancy pen, I always suffer from a kind of "stage fright", as if I am being judged by my art materials. I think this is why some of my favorite sketches are done on cheap paper, with pencil. The end result is that I hoard. I really need to get over this because such an attitude really defeats the purpose of having quality supplies.

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Del4yo said...

Change the point of view (not the one on the drawing, it's perfect, and you caught the exact spirit)

Instead of "I deserve quality supplies"
"quality supplies deserve me"

When I see such a cute sketch in such a lovely color, yes, go for it!