Monday, December 21, 2009

Edward saves Bella from Mild Food Poisoning.

Ok, so I saw the new "Twilight" movie awhile ago.  Not a fan.

For those of you unfamiliar with the movie and/or books, there's a part where the vampire boy leaves the girl without telling her why. Because apparently, despite the fact that he's technically over a century old, he's still a teenage douchebag, incapable of...articulating...any..of...his....thoughts.

He tells her to move on with her life, but she can't.  Why?  Because every time she's about to do something reckless, a ghostly apparition of him appears telling her not to do it.

Man.  That's like having your mother with you 24/7.  "Put on a sweater!"  "Should you be out so late?" "Why aren't you eating your vegetables?"

Hence, this cartoon. 


Del4yo said...

You made me giggle :D

"Paisley motif looks a bit like amoebas" "Monocotyledon have striped leaves one way"
If Edward was speaking like my mom, he would be a bit more fun.

I tried to read the series up to the end, but it's written so badly I couldn't.

Anonymous said...

He's so manly Lisa, watching out for Bella and every thing she does...maybe Lisa "you just don't know him like she does" ha ha. You nailed it babe. Your sketching, as usual is perfect. Go easy on Edward Lisa, he's just a sullen teen who's lived too long and seen too much, poor rich boy who reads tolstoy in the dark. xoxox