Tuesday, August 16, 2011

La Cigale

While in France a few weeks ago, I stopped in Nantes, and had myself a bit of tea in "La Cigale". The rooms in this cafe/bar/tea room is covered with cicada themed ceramic tiles. That doesn't sound very appetizing, but it was very charming.

You could tell that the cicada was female, because she wore a blue dress. And musical, since she carried what looked like a mandolin. I noticed no male cicadas.

The service isn't great - okay, actually I felt quite ignored. But the room made it worthwhile. I'm not sure what inspired the original owner to decorate in this vein, but he clearly went all out. Custom cicada girl tiles, custom cicada girl clock... Really, the only places we have in the States that is so thoroughly and skillfully "themed" is Disneyland.

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