Sunday, February 24, 2008

random sketches

So every now and then I copy pictures from magazines, and "push" the drawings. The first drawing I almost always chuck, it's almost like stretching before sprinting. The second drawing is always much looser. (I have residual "have to get it right the first time" idea going on, which with some thought, is an idiotic idea. But I'm an impatient type of person)

I've decided that I want to try and do more color work after seeing a very inspiring talk by Jeremy Vickery at GDC this last week. I'm not a painter, and while I don't foresee getting to the point where I'm just knocking them out the way a lot of my friends do...I do want to get to a point where color is more intuitive and I'm not so intimidated by it. So hopefully, there will be more color work on this blog in the future.

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